ALLURE is strategically located in an ideal place namely the city of CHENNAI in the Southern part of India, where temples are aplenty. The women in this part offer their hair to the Deities of these temples for various sentimental and customary reasons. The hair so offered is of high quality, nurtured very well with only organic and natural stuffs like coconut oil and fresh flowers. The ultimate goal of ALLURE is to offer the best product, it hence becomes vital that the best of raw material is sourced and a process stream is put in place to reflect it in the quality of the end product.


The temples normally dispose the hair through closed bids or open auction entitling the successful bidder to collect the entire hair for one full year. Sounds simple but there are very serious buyers with whom we need to compete besides making huge payments upfront once the bid is accepted.

Next the actual collection of Hair starts. Our quality consciousness begins here itself. We place our employees in the tonsuring sheds to oversee complete collection. Besides they do another important job. The hair before tonsuring is parted into two with rubber bands so that after tonsuring, the hair does not fall off on the floor and the roots and tips do not change directions. These placements of rubber bands guarantee that the REMY hair is harvested right at the tonsuring stage. The stock so collected is safely stored and moved to the factory without delay.


Once the hair is received, it is dried under the morning sun naturally and is then "Aligned" and "Bundled" without changing the roots and tips directions. Then the hair is sent to washing. Overnight the raw hair is soaked in a good shampoo free of sulphur. The shampoo used by us is made in-house using the finest ingredients from various parts of the world. The soap flakes from a renowned cosmetic company in USA and the Silicones from Japan are our raw materials for shampoo and conditioners.


The bundles of hair so soaked overnight in shampoo are then carefully washed to remove the dirt and impurities and dried again under the shades of natural sun. The dried hair is "HACKLED" to remove the short hairs from 3" to 4" from the bundle. Then, the hair bundle is tied with yellow cotton threads tightly. These bundles are called "SINGLE DRAWN REMY HAIR" meaning that the hair is from a Single Donor Lady.

Further "Aligning" is done by grading the single drawn hair bundles into various structures (straight, wavy, curly) and various colours. Colours and structures will be matched and similar bundles will be combined to make 110 Grams of hair. These bundles are now ready for WEFTING.

"WEFTING" in simple terms means stitching the hair along one side for use as hair extensions. Naturally the stitching will have to be effective so that the users or stylists find it easy to fix and that there is absolutely no falling or shedding of hair.

In Allure a 3 HEADED MACHINE is used for Wefting. The advantage of use of this 3 headed machine is to totally ensure that there is minimal or nil shedding of hair when customer uses our Wefts. The use of this machine combined with superior process of Wefting ensures this aspect totally. A 110 Grams of aligned hair is fed into the first machine which sews the hair with the double needle. It is passed on to the second sewing machine head where the hair is folded up to 1.5" and a single stitch is done by the second machine. It is then passed through the third machine where the folded hair, if any, is straightened and also the loose hair, if any, is removed with the help of a forceps. The third machine also makes another single stitch and pushes the hair strands to the Glue Box, for bonding and to prevent shedding. The glue used here is the Korean Wig Glue of high quality and also very expensive. Yet ALLURE believes in importing and using it to offer a perfectly bonded hair to users. This is again due to ALLURE's endeavour to ensure high quality.

Next the weft goes for trimming process into the hands of highly trained personnel. The folded hair in excess of 1.5 cm is trimmed which is called Moustache Trimming. This trimming prevents the matting of the hair after the hair is sewn on the head of the user. If the folded hair is longer than this, the user is likely to face matting problem while combing the hair. We do customise this aspect based on specific needs but always advise maintaining 1 cm length of folded hair to prevent issues in longer use.

The trimmed hair string then undergoes another separate Extra Gluing process. The whole string is pasted with extra glue on the other side of the weft and then folded doubly to make double weft. The single needle machine with special attachments is employed to make the double weft with 3 to 4 extra stitches on a weft. Thus a very good weft stands produced but again it is subjected to complete quality check to ensure all aspects. It is then folded in 4" to 5 " bundles and tagged with our special tags for easy identification distinctly as our product from other manufacturers.

The hair bundle is put in a polybag with a hang tag on it mentioning the length, structure and colour.

HAND WEFT as the name suggests is pure hand work. If any customer requires very thin hair wefts for their use, this process is the only way. It involves using two to three hair strands in finger and then knotting them up in a special way using three rows of strings tied in between two wooden blocks. Three threads are normally used to weave hand tied wefts. Five threads based hand wefts are also made based on customers need. 50 cm thread is usually used to make one piece of hand weft. In case of need, a single machine stitch is also added for strength and avoid shedding. One piece of hand weft will weigh around 28 grams and the length will be 35 to 50 cm.


Italian manufactured KERATIN GLUE GRANULES is used to make this product. Two grams of hair is taken and the hot melted keratin glue is applied on the top and then fed into a hand press in which "I" tip or "U" tip or "W" tip moulds are fixed. The glue applied takes the shape of the mould and forms either "I" or "U" or "W". We bundle 25 strands together and make the packing.


It is fashionable to wear "CURLS" by Girls nowadays and hence fancy Curls are made in the industry.

But Curls are hard to find in natural hair and hence curls are manmade. We have imported a steam oven from abroad and installed in our factory. A steam generator is in place using good soft water. The aluminium pipes of various diameters are used to make Curls. Small strands are selected using fingers from the weft and rolled up on the aluminium pipes tightly and held firm with rubber bands at the end. Then the entire 100gm weft is rolled like this and finally dipped into a mixture of coconut oil and a quality conditioner for a while. Then the heap of such bundles is placed inside the steam oven under a calibrated pressure and steamed for a limited time. The pipes are taken out, the hair strands removed from it, and then co-washed. Now a nice curly pattern is visible. Importantly we make non chemical curls, which will last for 10 to 15 washes. It is totally harmless curls and 100% natural.

We are not into the "perm" curls either cold perm or digital or hot perm.

Caution: Our endeavour is to make and offer high quality products by adopting best standards at every stage. In spite of this shedding problem might occur possibly due to mishandling at the users end like cutting the wefts carelessly or after cutting, the two ends are not fixed with a strong wig adhesive in the salon. So it is also in the hands of the stylist equally to make use of his/her experience and efficiency utmost to extract most out of our product.


Needless to say the most contributing factor in this venture is trained and dedicated personnel. At every stage of production right from HACKLING to PACKING, ALLURE has the best of man and woman power. They are skilled by virtue of their experience for quite a number of years in this industry: Dedicated to the company and believe in training starters. The management on its part tours all over, gets to know modern methods and inputs and teaches the work force these methods who quickly adopt to the changing trend. As part of upgradation and specialisation a group of women workers were trained by the specialists hired from abroad mainly London to teach the CLOSURE MAKING.

The infrastructure is world class. The location is strategic. The workforce is trained and adaptive. The raw material sourcing is from the right place and of high quality. The process used is modern. The promoters are well experienced and having an urge to offer the best. Naturally the end product cannot be anything but THE BEST and of INTERNATIONAL QUALITY.