1.   Where do you get the human hair from to make Allure Hair Extensions?

We compete in the annual auction by the TEMPLES and win over several competitors to become the contractor of the Hair in that temple for the whole year. The whole amount for the auction had been paid upfront and the hair is collected periodically from the tonsuring shed of the temple. We employ our own staffs at the tonsuring area and take utmost care to collect the hair in such a way that the roots and tips of the hairs are not changed. We put rubber bands in the head of the donor on both side of the hair and make the hair tonsured. Every week the collected hair is transported to our factory safely.

2.   Can I Style or colour the hair?

This is a virgin hair. It means no chemical dyes have been used by the donor. Hence the hair can be colored, and styled to straight, wavy and curly patterns with your stylist.

3.   How long can I use the hair?

You can use this hair extension like your own hair. Since it is a natural hair, it gives a fantastic feeling while in the head. During the night, you should take utmost care to put a net over your hair and if you care well, you can use it for more than a year.

4.   Do you use any chemicals during the Hair Extension manufacturing?

We don’t use any chemicals except the shampoo, which is also free from sulphur. We import the raw materials to make shampoo in house from best cosmetic houses from USA and Japan. The hair extension is safe for your scalp.

5.   Can I re use the hair extension?

Yes, You can remove the extension with the help of your stylist and preserve it for reuse when you change your hair style. You can keep them in a box for several years.

6.   How to make a sample order? Do you accept Paypal?

You can buy through our website by using the “Shop” button. Or else write a mail to us at : Your email will be replied in 8- 10 hours time. You can buy samples starting from ONE BUNDLE. We will send you a PayPal invoice and you can pay. The goods will be shipped immediately after your payment by international couriers like DHL, UPS, Fed Ex.

7.   How long it will take to reach my destination - USA?

Normally it takes 3 to 4 working days. When the payment is done through PayPal, we dispatch on the next day and the hair reaches your desk on a 3rd or 4th working day.

8.   How can I make a bulk order? And payment thereon?

The bulk order through email at and we will send you a proforma invoice. You should make the payment through your bank to our bank. We will waive off your bank charges as a discount. The merchandise will be shipped in the agreed time.

9.   Do you make steamed curly hair?

Yes. We make steamed curly without perm solution. The curl will last for 10 - 15 washes. After this, you can restyle the same extension as per your wish.

10.   How about the “Shedding” and “Tangling”?

We use the best glue in the world which is imported from Korea. We make additional glueing by another machine after the wefting is finished. This will ensure very less shedding. The tangling will never happen if you treat the hair properly as of your own head grown hair. You should take care while in the swimming pool and while sleeping to cover with the net etc. We always make the extension with the virgin hair and the direction of the hair is not changed at any time. This will ensure no tangling.

11.   How is the length of the hair extension is measured?

We have to manually straighten the hair bundle and measure with a tape from the top of the sewing to the tip of the hair. We explain this with a photo below.

12.   Do you send a free hair sample to test the quality?

As the original Indian Hair is expensive, we don’t send any free sample bundles. However, we can send small strands of hair if you give your courier account number. If you can take care of the courier charges, small bunches of samples can be sent.

13.   Do you sell Brazilian, Combodian, Malaysian and Russian Hair?

NO, we don’t sell Cambodian, Malaysian and Russian Hair. Mostly Indian Hair is imported into various parts of the world and curled to look like “Brazilian Hair” and sold as “Brazilian Hair”.

14.   Do you have a skype ID or whatsapp number to see your factory and hair?

Yes, you can reach us via Skype or WhatApp and we will show you the factory and hair samples in real-time.
Skype : alluresathish
Whatsapp : +919840050854

15.   What is your return Policy?

When you don't like the product or found some defects in the merchandise you can immediately write a mail about your displeasure and narrate the problem. You will receive a reply within 24 hours. After concurrence, all returns must be sent back within 10 days of delivery for a refund. The returned order will need to be unworn, unwashed, uncut, labels attached and in its original mailed and packaged condition. Any merchandise damaged due to purchaser's negligence, or merchandise that have been washed or styled or bleached or colored or tags removed cannot be accepted. Return postal charges to be bourne by the buyer.
All returns should be sent via USPS (United States Postal Service) mentioning "Defective goods returned back" and value of the entire returned shipped to be declared as USD 5 (Whatever may be the cost of the returned goods). Upon verification that the goods are in their original condition, your Paypal or bank account will be credited for the full amount of your purchase minus the courier charges.